About Us


It has been a long time coming for the Campbell sisters from Mississauga, Ontario. Growing up in a home with fashionable musician parents, both Carcia and Chantel Telly Campbell were exposed to all sorts of music and musical instruments. Their first live performance came at the early ages of 5 and 7 years old, performing hymns in church. The girls continued to learn how to play instruments like piano, bass guitar, clarinet and more, while performing in musical theatre and recording a gospel album that played on local inspirational radio stations before they graduated high school.

After working on their musical endeavors for many years, the girls took a 5-year hiatus to focus on another love; Fashion. Their Fashion Lifestyle blog, HerCastleGirls.com (formally ItsMusicFashionLife.com), took off quickly and the girls were now being featured as style insiders in the media and entertainment industry in Toronto, US and the U.K. In 2015, the girls quietly started to write music again, picking up electronic music and synthesizers to freshen up their sound, now reminiscent of the music they had loved so much as children. HerCastleGirls goal is to create fashion music. This is the foundation that makes up the sound of HerCastleGirls today.

Their latest single, 2U, is a pop-opera, featuring different styles and sounds from island vibes to dance, European house and electronica. The track truly shows the versatility of HerCastleGirls as vocalists.  

For 2017, the girls will take their blog followers on their journey as they work on a new album, prepare for live performance and set up a program for vocalists who want to train their voices for live performance and recording. A fashion accessories project is also in the works. Of course, the girls will be fashionably dressed through the entire process, continuing to blend their love of Music and Fashion.

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