Musically Crushing: Garbage (The Band)

 Manson gained media attention for these attributes: Her rebellious attitude, Her style and her distinctive voice.

Garbage Then

There’s something so cool and addictive about female lead singers, isn’t there? Debbie Harry of Blondie, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, Lauren Hill of Fugees, Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine, the list is endless with powerful female lead singers in bands. One band that used this same formula and had a huge impact in the mid 1990’s with members coming from Madison, Wisconsin in the States, (Their lead Singer coming from Edinburgh, Scotland) Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig came together to form the alternative rock band Garbage.

Steve Marker desired a female vocalist “who didn’t have a high, chirpy, girly quality to her voice“. They wanted someone that could sing in an understated way in contrast to “these alterna-rock singers that have a tendency to scream”. Their lead singer Shirley, became an instant star in her own right, becoming the face of the band. She was one of the rock icons that got myself and Carcia started with our dresses addiction, that being her signature style. Dresses and knee boots are a huge part of her wardrobe along with her bright red hair and huge doe eyes, everyone wanted a piece of Manson, including Calvin Klein who she collaborated with in a campaign.

Garbage has some amazing singles but there is one song that’s a particular favorite of ours, ever since we saw it on Much Music when it came out in 1996-1997. The song, Stupid Girl could relate to anyone, boy or girl, pretending to be something they are not: the great pretender. Everyone knows a stupid girl and stupid boy. Being so desperate to belong that they will do, just about anything. The song was praised by music critics alike, not only for its message but for the musical aspect of it.  They sampled the clever drum beat from The Clash‘s Train In Vain from their album London Calling. Select Magazine’s Ian Harrison said it best. He called the song “Duran-like, describing it as “mighty doomy pop neatly tailored to enhance one’s natural discontentment.” I personally love the bass line (being a bass player) and the way how Shirley’s sultry voice meshes so well with the seductive music. Genius! Check out the video for Stupid Girl, a very artistic video inspired by the 1995 Psychological thriller ‘Se7en’. For more info on the band, head to their website.

Garbage Now

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Written By Chantel Telly Campbell

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