QUICK 5 with Recording Artist Simone Denny

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Five-time JUNO Award-winner Simone Denny is no stranger to the music industry, her musical background started when she rose to prominence as the lead vocalist for Love, Inc, a collaboration between herself and producers Chris Sheppard and Brad Daymond. The group became a Platinum-selling success. Now, Simone her soulful side for her first full-length release, The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1. The busy and talented recording artist took some time out of her day to answer our  crazy questions!

If there is any place in the world that you could go, where would it be and why?

Egypt! Because… The Sphinx , The Nile, ancient cities, Pyramids! Between the scenery and the history! It’s pretty hard to get much cooler than that! I’ve always felt a connection.

When it comes to Netflix, What have you been binging on?

I’ve actually been binging on comedies. Other than that I love Scandal. I’ve gotta get on Orange is the New Black!

Superman or Batman? and Why?

Batman all the way! What woman doesn’t like a hot millionaire! LoL But seriously Batman fights crime without superpowers! Very cool!

Would you prefer to be smart or happy, and why?

Happy! Happiness leads to balance! And this life way is too short to be miserable. A happy positive attitude is everything!

From your latest release, The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1, which track of yours should we have on repeat right now?

In no particular order….

Your Love Fades Away
Just ain’t our time
Look of Love Black Roses
Breathe Again

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