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We had the pleasure of trying out Canada’s own Raw Juice Guru, a company that uses Fruits and Vegetables to promote health from the inside out. To get the Raw Juice experience, Telly and I did a 3 Day Juice Feasting Cleanse. For us, it would mean no solid food for 3 days, drinking 3 to 4 litres of fresh juice instead of eating meals. We knew this would be a major challenge, being self-proclaimed foodies. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter program for the Raw Juice cleanse. Founder Eliane Bejjani asked us about allergies, and any health issues we had to tailor the program to us specifically. Check out our images and read on to learn more about our Raw Juice Journey.

Starting on a Monday, the company delivered fresh juice to our door in coolers. The company delivers between 5am-8am. Starting on a Monday, the company delivered fresh juice to our door in coolers. The company delivers between 5am-8am every morning for the duration of the cleanse.

Juice 1 consisted of Swiss chard, parsley, pear and more. It was a great intro to the cleanse, since it was delicious. I thought, ‘Ok, I can do this.’ The only drink that was harsh to taste was the Aloe Vera, BUT we know how great Aloe Vera is for the skin, so we chased it down with water and detox tea.

Every 90 minutes we would drink a bottle. The hardest part of the day would be around 3pm when you would want to do something like Chocolate or McDonalds, but knowing that the cravings would come we would drink water. We won’t lie, it was very difficult the first day, especially when you had to go about a normal week day full of work and appointments, but after the first night of great sleep and the spring you feel in our step, it’s easy to enjoy the juices the next day.

If you follow the instructions, you don’t feel hungry. What I missed most was coffee, while Telly missed grilled chicken, that is the point. You are truly cleansing your system of the toxins and solids you take in daily. You see an immediate change in your body after day 1. Both of us slept so well and woke up with so much energy in the mornings. We were free of any digestive issues and sluggish feelings. It also felt great to know that we could free ourselves from solid foods, salty meals and sugary treats.

Another plus with Raw Juice is, you get to add veggies and fruits you may not eat often enough. I am not a regular Beet eater, but the experience has made me see the benefits of Beets now. We juice a few times a month, to replace one meal here and there, but if you want to start afresh with a new lifestyle or give your digestive system a break, we recommend trying Raw Juice Guru. We think this would be great for starting a new season, or a new lifestyle. Visit to learn more and thanks to Elaine and her fabulous team for giving us the opportunity to try these tasty juices.

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By Carcia & Telly

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