Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Elisabeth Moss

Actress, Elisabeth Moss (Peggy on the television series Mad Men) is known for her brunette locks. On the retro drama Mad Men, Elisabeth sits in setters to achieve that puffy 1960s hair-do’. Now that the show is out of production, Elisabeth has found the urge to break away from her longer brunette hair style, chopping it all off and changing the color to Blonde! Funny how lighter shades are all the rage this fall. Isn’t it suppose to be light for the summer and dark for the fall? Doesn’t matter right? Us HerCastleGirls dislike strict fashion rules, so we cheer for those that break them! Either way, Elisabeth looks oh-so-different! What do you say? Should Mad Men’s Peggy be a blonde next season? Or should Elisabeth color her hair back to its natural brunette before heading back to work?

Before & After! Elisabeth has a great face, but she is so striking as a Brunette.
Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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