Mirror On The Wall: Seeing PLAID with Burberry

Famous for the trench coat with the plaid lining, Burberry is making a new “mark” in makeup with Lip Mist, by Burberry Beauty.
We don’t really enjoy mist on our hair, but misty lips sounds so moisturizing! This new formula is created with wild rose, containing vitamin C and other emollient ingredients that stimulate collagen production and restores elasticity. Pout those lips ladies!
There are nine colors in the Lip Mist collection, and what range! From cinnamon, brown sugar and blueberry to pink shades of camellia, stormy and feather. .The Lip Mists glide on easily and add a pop of slightly transparent color, unlike the Burberry Lip Covers. Touches of luxury and quality make this the tube show off worthy! The famous plaid is etched right into the actual lipstick as well as on the square metal tube which magnetically snaps into place so it’ll never open up while taking trips through your handbag.
Burberry makeup artist Wendy Rowe says it’s a “wearable lipstick that every girl can use for conditioning the lips while giving a subtle sheer natural color.” She suggests either “wearing straight onto the lips from the stick, or dab onto lips with a finger for a dewy finish, to give a hint of color to the lips”. 
Its worth a trip to the makeup counter!

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