Keri Lotion to the rescue.

Keri to The Rescue

We are all about mindfulness and taking care of your temple (the body) both inside and outside. The weather is getting colder meaning that our skin needs hydration now more than ever. Thankfully, Keri Lotion has so many different lotions and creams to choose from. Your body will be feeling great all fall and winter long….All year long for that matter.

Keri lotions have always been a long-time favourite of ours. It moisturizes so nicely and keeps our skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. Here are the deets on the lotions and body creams.

Keri To The Rescue
Nourishing Therapy Shea Butter Lotion: An intense, creamy body lotion containing 5% natural Shea Butter as well as Vitamin E that hydrates and conditions dry, thirsty skin. Penetrates deep into your skin to provide long lasting, intense moisturization. Heals and deeply conditions dry skin. Leaves skin feeling comfortably soft, smooth and healthy.

Clinical Care Advanced Hydration Hand Cream: A perfect blend of natural botanicals and scientifically proven ingredients, this fast-absorbing, lightweight cream moisturizes hands without the greasy feel that comes with some moisturizers. A blend of natural botanicals rich in vitamins and antioxidants coats skin for smoother, healthier-looking hands.

Intense Hydration Original: Keri Original Intense Hydration Soft Scented Body Lotion contains 3 essential moisturizers (vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and aloe) that deeply hydrate for soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Clinical Care Extreme Hydration Body Cream: Deep, intensive relief for severely dry, cracked skin, Keri Clinical Care Extreme Hydration Body Cream soothes with concentrated moisturizing ingredients. This thick, rich cream goes beyond a daily moisturizer to deliver intense hydration and comfort to severely dehydrated skin.

Clinical Care Renewal Complex: Restore extra-dry skin to its natural, healthy state with Keri Clinical Care Barrier Renewal Complex. Blending ceramides and other scientifically proven ingredients, this hydration booster balances moisture levels and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Hope this little guide helps you to find a great addition to your lotion/body cream collection. As I said, there is so much to choose from you will probably end up getting one of each. So while you’re building your winter skin/body care kit, make sure to add the Keri Lotion team to it. Your beautiful body will thank you.

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