We checked out Good Molecules Skincare | Skincare Product Review (with video)

As I get older, I realize that makeup is not here to help us look “better”. Makeup is here to enhance the beauty we already have. I’ve discovered that the most important thing is the skincare we use to allow for our skin to really thrive and glow!

I was recently introduced to a skincare brand called, Good Molecules. The brand is affordable, kind to animals (they do not test on animals), and safe for us and the planet. Now, in the beauty world, we are told that the price matters when it comes to quality and results. The concept of very affordable skincare is still somewhat new as even drugstore brands are pricey. 

I will always be perfectly transparent with you. The brand reached out to us and sent us some products to try. We’ve been using Good Molecules for 3 weeks now to test it so that we could deliver a true and honest product review. 

Here is what we loved….


The packaging is on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Good Molecules actually lists every single ingredient with the percentages listed on the box. We’ve only been asking for this since the beginning of time! They actually TAKE CONSUMER FEEDBACK and adjust the formulas, and change the materials of the packaging. In one of the release notes (like they are a start-up tech company), they removed plastic packaging….because customers told them to. If that doesn’t impress you, just wait…


Good Molecules is doing a WHOLE LOT for the price tag. I will go more in-depth about it, but the results are valuable for what I wanted to see from the product. The branding is great and anyone can have beautiful skin! I remember times in my life when money wasn’t coming in, and my skin had to suffer the consequence because I couldn’t afford $100 serums and creams. It’s meaningful to me that someone who is experiencing a bit of a rough patch can still afford skin care products to help their confidence when they put themselves out there for a new job, or for their new business. 

No room for fluff:

This brand does not hide behind fancy names to confuse the consumer. You know exactly what you are buying with packages named after what they actually are (reminds me of another brand that became very famous for doing the same thing…). 


Right before using Good Molecules, I had a serious case of “period acne”, yes…even in the 40 club, you experience hormonal acne. Get ready Loves! Anyway, the acne was all over my chin area and it sucked. Some of the acne would heal and then, I’d have scaring. I put Good Molecules to the test. I only used Good Molecules on my face for 3 weeks. When I saw the cleanser was a bar of soap, I worried. I won’t lie. I had a thought that the bar of soap would be drying. 

I was wrong. The holistic ingredients of kaolin clay and cacao powder only helped my complexion.

I started to see positive results after 1 week. The first day after using GM at night, I woke up with the glossiest, glowing skin, so soft to the touch. The remaining acne was calming down after 1 week AND the scaring began to lighten after 2 weeks. I was and I AM sold.

Of course, different products work for different people, so I cannot say that Good Molecules is the answer to your skincare challenges, but at this price point, you can try a product or two to see if it works for you.

If you are located in the US, you can purchase Good Molecules at Ulta Beauty – https://www.ulta.com/brand/good-molecules. 

If you are located in Canada, like us, you can purchase Good Molecules at BeautyLish – https://www.beautylish.com/b/good-molecules