Sharing is Caring, But How Much is Too Much?

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Earlier this month, reality star Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her rented apartment during Paris Fashion Week. Apparently, robbers got away with $11 million dollars worth of jewels. After this event went public, everyone including celebrities and your cousin made conclusions. The comment that made me think hard was that of famed fashion designer Karl Langerfield. Basically, Karl said Kim shares too much on her social media.

“It’s a very bad thing for Paris, but I don’t understand why she was in a hotel with no security. If you are that famous and you put all your jewelry on the net, you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room. You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you.”

I began to think about the millions of people, like us, who have made social media a huge part of their lives. I’m not talking about Facebook and sharing your picnic photos with your friends. I’m taking about the images you shared of your new born baby before the umbilical cord was cut, and the closet full of free samples you share with your Instagram followers. Today, we share every bit of our lives with perfect strangers and yes, the majority of followers are curious viewers who just want to show their appreciation with a double tab. But when the lines become blurred what do you do?

Kimmy K West has made millions by oversharing. It may be hard to remember that Kim’s career started due to the release of a sex tape with Brandy‘s brother, Ray J. Since gaining attention with that tape, Kim has kept on doing the same thing, only on television with her family. Social Media only helped and now she’s everywhere, all the time. Kim Kardashian’s success has changed the way the world looks at marketing and branding; Share to keep consumers engaged.

As an entrepreneur, you are no longer allowed to hide your work space or studio and we need to meet your spouse and see what’s for dinner. If you don’t do this, you brand will suffer, because your competitors are willing to show every aspect to their lives to make a sale. Who cares about talent and skills? I want to like you and envy your lifestyle. This is the world Instagram has created, with the help of the Kardashians and Jenners. Even with recent events, Kim carries on to release More Me, the continuation of her selfie book, Selfish.

Let’s leave Kim and her crew out of the discussion and look at our friends we know, personally. Would you ever post an Instagram picture of the expensive new ring your hubby brought with along with the price tag? I wouldn’t. It’s no one’s business. But when your career is to overshare, you don’t even think about it.  Regardless of robberies or chances of being robbed, I think this situation should teach us to be more thoughtful of what we post and check our emotions. Several studies show, such as Jonah Berger‘s 2011 study here, that we post overly personal information because of our emotional state at the time. Mindfulness will take you far guys. You better think. I mean, does posting the date of when you leave your home for a 2 week vacation really help your personal brand? Alerting strangers of your empty home along with previous posts of your town and street? Think about it.

You always have to think, one day, you may want to be president, prime minister or hold a great job. Social Media is a den for mistakes. Here is a quick list of what is at stake when you don’t think your social media posting through. The consequences could be the end of you.

Consider This Before You Over Share 

Reputation – This is the reason I feel sorry for America right now. The reputation of the candidates running for office are tainted. It is difficult to call them Trustworthy or honest because of past decisions and behavior. Save yourself the explanations and embarrassment and keep your Instagram images and opinions in check. This is why you will never see a glass in my hand in a picture, unless it has to do with the brand I’m working with at the time. Too many images with a glass and you start to look like an alcoholic or binge drinker.

Career – You want to work with children, or you want to collaborate with a certain company that has specific morals. Depending on what you post, you could literally ruin your chances of ever working with desired brands or companies. Look at Billy Bush‘s situation. He didn’t even say anything really, but he engaged in a controversial conversation with Donald Trump and this resulted in him losing his high paying job and now having to rebuild a career that originally took him 20 or more years to build.

Personal Relationships – When I started blogging, I decided early on not to post images of my family (unless it made sense to the story) or boyfriends. I’ve seen what can occur when you post specific people. What if you and your Bf break-up? What if his job doesn’t like the idea of his face appearing on your Instagram page at certain events? Communicate with your loved ones and be clear about what is okay. We both have friends who ask not to post certain images on our instagram of them. Not everyone is into sharing their life on social media and you’ve got to respect that.

Security – Remember, when you let people know about your work, personal income and relationships through your social media you are endangering yourself and the people you share your life with. We used to post where we would be for events before hand, but quickly stopped for the reasons of  security. People don’t need to know where you are at every waking moment. Be wise when sharing your whereabouts.

kim kardashian west, paris, paris fashion week, social media, oversharing, instagram, twitter

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