Aloha Blu | Contemporary Jewelry, Canadian Made & Black Owned

What excites us more than anything is supporting local and supporting Black. 2020 opened our eyes to the importance of supporting small, local businesses. It is the heart and soul of a community. Businesses like Aloha Blu made our week with beautiful creations handmade of Polymer clay.

Delicate and light, Aloha Blu is about color and shapes! Minimal, but a statement. The creator of the Aloha Blu brand is self-love activist and poet JJ who has so many talents. We’ve witnessed her spoken word performances! She’s a star! Pulling from her own experience as a Black woman, pulling from the culture, she has created a colorful line of earrings in small batches, making each pair super special. I ordered from The Roni Collection, Oxtail Gravy. It reminded me of ME – a Black curvy body! And the style is named after a famous dish in Jamaica. Telly and I are of Jamaican descent, so I felt CONNECTED to adding Oxtail Gravy to my jewelry collection. The level of customer service we experienced with Aloha Blu was unmatched! Jj even gifted a second pair, Dias in water paint Aqua. Check out @aloha.blu on Instagram to order.

Telly in DIAS – water paint Aqua by Aloha Blu
Carcia in Oxtail Gravy from The Roni Collection, by Aloha Blu

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