Calyx…The Culture Of Care With CBD.


What can we say about Calyx Wellnes?

Wellness is a big deal to us and hopefully to you too. It’s important to have a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Last month on June 12th was Wellness day……don’t worry if you missed it, there’s always next year. Leading up to this special day, we took part in a week-long series of virtual events by CALYX WELLNESS, Calyx Wellness is a Toronto-based company that specializes in CBD-infused beauty, health, and consumable remedies.

Danielle Blair is the owner and founder. She decided to open her business after seeing the success her husband had with healing from severe headaches caused by a brain tumour. She knew the healing properties that CBD had and wanted to help others reach their health and wellness goals.

The week was wonderful, we took part in sound baths, workouts and mediations. It was pure bliss! We also got a beautiful gift from CALYX WELLNESS. We got these amazing products (see below) that are just In love with. All of them are great, I’ll link everything with the photos so you can get more info on the products.

Make sure to check out CALYX WELLNESS for all your CBD health and wellness needs.

Stay Bright,

Telly HerCastle.