Comeback: Roaring 1920s Glamor

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan are currently filming The Great Gatsby with the visually talent director Baz Luhrmann. Already, the movie has some buzz. Yes, if you took English in school, you probably read the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, and the star power casting in this film is interesting, but the 1920s fashion will inspire! After we spotted Carey Mulligan in this glam Jazz age look, we couldn’t help but envy the entire look from the chic hair cut, the delicate details to this dress, and the two-tone stockings make for a gorg’ flapper look! Be prepared to see elements from the Jazz age this Spring/Summer 2012. It’s the return to elegance!
Carey Mulligan on the Great Gatsby set.
Evan Rachel Wood and Zoe Saldana sport the look (GUCCI)


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