David Dixon FW 2012 @ World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto

David Dixon gave us a bit of the thriller Alfred Hitchcock‘s THE BIRDS before the runway show.

According to The Toronto Star, David Dixon said he’s afraid of birds and hates horror films, so it is an unlikely inspiration for the veteran who presented a dazzling show on day 4 of Toronto Fashion Week! Like a full-on theater show or film, Dixon presented 2 Acts. Inspired by the Freedom the Bird represents, David gave us a show that entertained the eyes and the mind.

“Just like the “The Birds” in the film, my new year is about taking flight, soaring to new ventures, and keeping my eye on the sparrow. However, do not expect me to send a flock of seagulls to a remote town to terrorize for a marketing ploy…rather for me it is to feel the freedom of my decisions and growth and soar.”David Dixon (Taken from the DAVID DIXON THE BIRDS Fall 2012 press kit)

As the runway show tells a story, our models start with feather broaches on their well tailored outfits for Scene 1. By Scene 2, our models take on more feathers, full coats and dresses of gorgeous black feathers. Art and Fashion at work. Take a look at our favorite looks from the show.

 The simple addition of a feather broach adds so much drama to this classic piece.
Just love the creativity of this jacket!
The length of this sequence skirt adds versatility.
Loved the fabrics used here. Perfect together and perfect with other items you may already have.
Gotta say, we love the interesting takes on lace this season. Shiny, colorful lace makes for a gorgeous cocktail dress!
A coat full of feathers! This beautiful coat was welcomed with huge applause!
Another inspiring collection from David Dixon!
Side Note: See THE BIRDS. Its a very good film 😉
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