Alexandre Vauthier F22 Couture

Ready-to-wear fashion, it’s all about thinking outside of the box. Well if that’s Ready-To-Wear, then Haute Couture’s way of design is to take the box, break it down and turn it into something so epic that words cannot describe it.

Couture is something that I truly enjoy, the process of creating these masterpieces and then presenting them on a world stage in the fashion capital, Paris, for Paris Couture Fashion Week is impressive.

Alexandre Vauthier brought a beautiful collection to Couture Fashion week. This collection, to me, was like a hybrid style of couture, A lot of the pieces that he presented can actually be worn in real life. Basically, RTW and Haute Couture got together and they created a gorgeous child.

The colours were very simple: Black, Taupe, Blue and a bit of silver (one of the dresses was completely silver… as a futuristic tin can dress). Fur trimmings, boxy jackets, sinched in wastes, classic, sexy, beautiful.

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