Animal Prints and Leather are BFF’s

If you haven’t already, awaken the prints in your closet. I’m all for a great animal print outfit; it’s been a fad, then a staple, then a fad again, but for the past few years now it’s been a strong staple in Fashion. Rejoice! Animal prints are here to stay.

With that said, as much as I want to let loose and strut in my animal print greatness, It’s Spring and sometimes the season can be warm or chilly. It’s always good to have a jacket on deck in case your warm spring day turns into a cold AF night. When this happens I turn to Animal print’s best friend, The Leather Jacket.

Leather jackets have been saving lives for decades (in the fashion world). It’s sexy, it’s warm, and it’s the perfect accent to a variety of fabrics. Leather jackets are tried and true. They turn any basic into a classic edgy look. I rocked some zebra and snake print dresses with my leather jacket just to show y’all how cute they look together.

Here are some links below to some hella cute animal printed dresses and some slick leather jackets.

The HerCastleGirls