Balenciaga F22 Couture

What would bring Kim Kardashian, BFRND, Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, Naomi Campbell, and all the fierce character models into one place to take part in a fashion show? Balenciaga of course.

Demna’s vision for his fall couture show that debuted over the summer was very…Demna. His style of design brings a beautiful, alien invasion kinda vibe to the runway and this show was no exemption. Aside from some famous faces that graced the catwalk, the show was very nice…once you get over the alien facemasks and remember that it’s all part of the artistic vision.

Big ball gowns, Big names… big masks. The show was defiantly a wonder and kept the attention of all who were in attendance. It was a costume extravaganza, the first couple of looks were all black but there were some pops of colours, we’re sure lots of stylists will be heading to the showroom to pull for their clients.

One thing with Balenciaga is that the shows will always leave you with amazement, we give it to Demna for keeping the brand on a high level. It’s not easy for luxury fashion houses to stay significant but “Balenci” has been in the top 10 of most fashion hit lists. With Paris Fashion Week officially off to a good start, it will be cool to see what they bring to the Spring/Summer 23 runway. Demna has a way with the young generation and let’s face it, as long as you can keep them posting about your brand and keep the older audience buying because they want to relate to the younger crowd, you got it made: Social media youths + Middle to older age audience spending = a win.

Will we go out and buy the famous Balenciaga garbage bag after seeing the show? No…we will not, We will take a look at the Hourglass bag though…and we would consider the mask lol!

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Take a look at a few of our favourite looks below.


Balenciaga Fall Coture 2022

Photo’s courtesy of Balenciaga.

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