Balmain FALL 2022 RTW

It’s clearly no secret that we love Balmain here at HerCastle girls. I’ve been saying it and I will continue to say it, Olivier is a genius and ever since he took the reigns of Balmain back in 2011 sales have been going up and up. The House Of Balmain has produced some amazing shows and this last show that happed back in March for their Ready To Wear Fall 2022 was no exception.

Olivier suffered a horrible fireplace accident that forced him into having to wear bandages towards the latter months of 2020. No one knew until he posted the news to his Instagram a few days after the show last year in September. He used his injuries as inspiration to create the SS22 collection during Paris Fashion Week in 2021 during the Balmain Music Festival (A festival that Rousting created to celebrate fashion, music, food, etc) and it was a gorgeous show, it also marked the 10-year anniversary of Olivier being the Creative Director of the Maison.

To me, this show, RTW F22, is a continuation of the SS22 collection that showed last year. It was big, eye-catching and held our attention. The venue for the show was transformed into a beautiful light, almost pale green, minimal set. The seats were like bleachers but better looking lol, the builders installed a wide screen which was great for the people at the top of the bleachers and to be honest, it really added to the whole aesthetic of the presentation. Olivier made sure to keep the digital world in mind too, he had moving cameras on the runway to help showcase the beauty and details of the garments as they graced the runway.

It was quite a show too, it was everything in one. The show started with a troop of interpretive dancers, then the show itself which had 100 looks consisting of both men’s wear and women’s wear and finally ending with 6 women’s couture looks (so in total 106 looks). I was blown away, it was lovely. It had a futuristic feel to it, there were hints of armour with a lot of the bodices having what looked like a futuristic bulletproof vest or something similar to it. A lot of the looks were unisex, there were some colour pieces like purple and gold but most of the collection was black and white. Very classic, very relatable, very cool and chic.

Have a look at some of our favourite looks from the show. We’re girls so we chose our favourites from the women’s part of the collection.


Balmain RTW Fall 2022

Photo: Filippo Fior /


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