Bianca Saunders.


Her name is Bianca Saunders and she’s shaking up the menswear industry.

Tom Ford, Olivier Rousteing, and Simon Jacquemus; what do they have in common aside from their amazing sense of style, designing talents and handsome looks? They’re men. Men who are great at their job, along with countless other male fashion designers/creative directors. Men have been helping women look fabulous for a minute.

Most of the fashion brands out there have male creative directors. We do have our female fashion designers like Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Donnatella Versace and more who are making beautiful pieces and turning heads on the runway, but it always seems that women still have a long way to go in the fashion industry.

The fashion world can be very predictable at times, but…when a woman shuts down the runway with her men’s wear collection and is the talk of the town? That can’t be ignored and the sweetest part is, She’s black.

Bianca Saunders is here and she is giving us her sense of style in a beautiful way. She graduated from the Royal College Of Art in 2017. By June 2018 she made her debut at London’s fashion week. There, she already made her mark to be one of the biggest names in British fashion. Thanks to her trailblazing way, the doors are opening even more for female designers, especially in men’s fashion. I mean, it’s clearly fair, right? If a man can design for women, women can design for men.

Now, Back to Bianca, since then the 28-year-old has been nothing but a rising star. Her use of pushing the boundaries in men’s fashion, lacking fear to blur the lines of masculine and feminine… she’s a breath of fresh air! I love when designers break laws in fashion. Every designer or fashion house has a signature style. For Saunders,  it’s her impeccable and masculine body contouring.

In 2021, she won the ANDAM award, a beautiful prize of €300,000 and even more valuable than the actual cash? Mentorship from Balenciaga’s president and CEO Cédric Charbit.

Now listen up, you may think “who cares about the CEO, she has a lot of money”. Well, there is no point in having all that cash and not using it wisely to further your business. Mentorship for any business is super important…actually, not only for business but just in life period.

Aside from the great mentorship, the funds, and countless other fashion awards, she received and continues to receive celebrity recognition from Mr. Kanye West, who tweeted images of her FW 2021 collection to WizKid, who wore custom Bianca Saunders garments in the music video for his hit song “Essence”.  Now that’s what I call supporting black business owners.

Despite the praise and rise to success, her cool and calm energy is equally noteworthy as her designs. She is down to earth and keeps her eyes on the prize: The prize being, her brand.

We should all take note of that and take a look at a few of her designs from 2020 to 2022.

Fall 2020


Spring 2021


Pre-Fall 2021


Fall 2021


Spring 2022


Fall 2022

To learn more about Bianca Saunders and her collections, check out her site. Bianca has done a lot since she popped up on the fashion scene. Keep your eyes on her because she’s just getting started.

Stay Bright,

Telly HerCastle.