Black Pink (not the girl group)

Black Pink

Don’t get me wrong I think BlackPink is cool, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the actual colours (Yes I am aware that black is not a colour it’s a shade…but for the sake of this post, go with it)

I’ve always enjoyed combining pink and black together. There’s something so eye-catching when you combine cute and girly pink with cool and edgy black. They make the perfect couple LOL.

I know that a lot of people fear wearing pink because they feel it’s too girly or too feminine. I have no problem wearing full pink because there are so many different shades of pink to choose from. All the shades complement the skin. My favourite shade of pink is Fuschia but It may be too strong for others so for the ones who want to experiment and introduce pink into their wardrobe, you can start with a light shade of pink and add some accents of black so you don’t feel intimidated by the colour.

Pictured below, I borrowed my sister Carcia’s sheer turtleneck top and paired it with my light pink tunic top… dress…I really love my legs so any chance I get to show them, I do. I made sure to add accessories that were also black, the handbag and the shoes. Both are from EXPRESS from a few seasons ago.

The look, as you can see, is very classic. It’s bold but not over the top, it makes a statement in a refined way. The neckline in general is a low, LOW, deep, V neck cut. Now if your into showing off your beautiful chest I say go right ahead but if you would rather have a touch of modesty (and still have some sexiness to it) I suggest doing something similar to what I did in the photo’s below or even wear a black silk tank top.

Embrace pink and black together, the styles are endless.

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Check out the looks above, embrace pink and Stay Bright!

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