Check In.

End of the week check in.

Who’s here for this weird weather where you can wear a sweater with jean shorts?

Use today to reflect and check in with yourself.  This week presented me with new questions where my answers were “I don’t know”. I’m choosing to stay comfortable with not knowing and not working up myself to figure it out. The how will know when it’s needed.

It’s important to check in and really feel out how you’re feeling and how you’re keeping up with your life. Are you working through the stress? Are you feeling tired but still pushing through? I don’t recommend anyone practicing this so if you are, please stop. You’re making it worse.

Instead, take a time out. I like doing body scans, I start from the top of my head all the way to my feet. Really focus on each body part, you can sit, stand or lie down and ask the following questions:

  • How do I feel in my mind?
  • Do my eyes feel fatigued?
  • My neck is stiff or loose?
  • Put my shoulders down.

I have a meditation about body scans that I encourage you to try for yourself on Insight Timer, feel free to subscribe to that page to hear more meditations I have on there.

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