Dolce & Gabbana FW23 RTW

Dolce & Gabbana has always been sexy… They’re Italian so of course, they are. One word that comes to mind after seeing this show is “Lingerie” and we’re here for it. Yes, we love modest dressing around here, but it’s always cool to know that you can wear lingerie outside and dare we say it, you can wear it in a modest way but let’s get into the show shall we?

The inspiration for this collection? Well according to D&G…

“We love in some way to start from the beginning,” Stefano Gabbana said at a preview in their atelier yesterday, explaining they wanted each look to have the purity of a sketch. Flash and excess have become house codes equal to their sartorialism over the decades, but Domenico Dolce was trained as a tailor. That’s the foundation. “I’m obsessed about the cut,” he confirmed.  This last year, when it was fashion, fashion, fashion, volume, volume, ’80s—it was exhausting,” Dolce said. “You know when you eat too much, and you need still water? We just want to work with the best quality silk, the best quality wool. No strange fabrics.”- Dolce & Gabbana

“Start from the beginning” is what they said they wanted to do and they delivered. They took a break from the traditional bright colours, leopard, and 80s extravagance and broke it down to black, white, gold and red. The show (aside from a beautiful red hourglass, strapless dress that closed the show) was very minimal… Well for D&G it was minimal anyway. They still had the signature sexiness that we’ve all come to know and love, hence the lingerie. Some would argue that they are the originators of designing lingerie for the outdoors.

As for the other looks, we fell in love with them. The tailoring on these jackets, on the dresses, chef’s kiss. Now, some of the looks that had head dressing did remind us of Valentino’s Haute Couture show, which took us a little off guard but aside from that, it was a great show. The headpiece was lovely, it’s just that we saw it not too long ago, but that’s the cool thing with fashion, you can do so many of the same styles and do them your way plus D&G did it in a way that’s more ready to wear than couture.

Check out some of our favourite looks from Dolce & Gabbana below.

All Photos by: Daniele Oberrauch /

These lovely items won’t be available till later in the year but head over to Dolce & Gabbana to check out their current releases.

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