Flowy House Dresses For Spring | Easy & Simple Style

Now that it’s getting warmer, we are done and just damn tired of sweat pants. Who’s with me? Lately, I’ve been embracing my divine feminine energy and I’m all about wearing flowy dresses through the day. Sit in on a business meeting, make lunch, sit on the ground in the living room to do some work…it doesn’t matter. The House dress has you covered.

For me, I love a loose fitted, free feeling dress that’s easy to wear. No effort. Of course, a ribbed body-con in soft stretchy fabric can be easy to wear as well. To celebrate our spring dresses making an in-house come back we want to show you some cute house dresses that will always keep you decent when the delivery person rings the doorbell for your signature.

Some House/ Comfy Dresses we thought were too cute!

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