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Back in the day, Carcia and I covered all fashion and decor on this site: Men’s, Women’s, Kids and interior. These days, because there are so many fashion shows happening, we only cover women’s and only the shows that we really enjoy. We don’t cover too much menswear on our site but we do keep ourselves in the loop because we generally LOVE FASHION.

Givenchy showcased their SS2023 line yesterday and I’m sorry… It could not be ignored. We loved it. It was giving an athleisure, cool guy vibe. I see a lot of men picking these items up. There were a lot of summer items as well as many pieces that can be worn in the fall and winter. That’s important when you buy something with a heavy price tag; how often can you wear it? Always remember your ROI or ROW (Return on investment/Return on wear)

Back to Givenchy, it was a great show. The creative director, Matthew Williams, stuck to his own rules for the collection. There was nothing too experimental, it was safe which is great. This is important to any fashion house that wants to make money. It’s extremely important to a luxury brand, it puts them in competition with brands like Zara, HM, Shien, etc. Luxury brands hope to sway the consumer by showing them that the price of the item they’re showcasing is worth it because you can wear it more than 3 times and when you wash it, it won’t shrink.

The collection showcased the colour of the moment, pink, along with purple and neon green. The logo ‘Givenchy’ was basically on everything but it didn’t look weird. I feel it was acceptable seeing that this collection is more relaxed, leisure wear although they did showcase some pretty cool long, box-like silhouette jackets that could be dressed up if needed. The details in the pants were also really nice to see with the stylized zippers, skinny-legged, dropped waist… it reminded me of punk rock fashion from the 70s…like the Sex Pistols. Cargo was also a major player on the runway, cargo pants, cargo shorts and cargo vests. A good mix of fitted and relaxed fits. The accessories were great too, gorgeous belts and very cool bags. Givenchy understood the assignment.

The garments clearly mimic Matthew himself. Half of the models resembled his likeness. He mentioned that while designing this collection he was inspired by “different people that are around me, musicians, friends. Elements of, like, Melrose and California, where I spent time as a kid and I now take my son to shop. It’s what I observe of those communities, where it’s just going through my own personal filter.” -Matthew Williams

All in all, it was a great collection, Car and I wouldn’t mind having some pieces for ourselves. Matthew was never one to follow trends, he’s always been the one to go against the grain and design garments that he knows his customers want. Givenchy will defiantly see a surge in revenue. His fans will go all out for this collection and we don’t blame them.

Check out some of our faves from the show.



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