It's Your Life

Stop allowing others to make decisions about your life. Stop letting outsiders control you.

You have one life, trust yourself to know that you’re making the right choices for yourself.

Carcia and I know what it’s like to allow other people to call the shots on decisions we ourselves should have made and then, we would end up being stuck with the backlash and consequences.

Live for you, not for others. When people see how happy you are, living in your truth will inspire them to start taking control of their lives…

Now, look at that… You were out here thinking you’re not inspiring anyone? Think again.

A lot of times we feel so afraid to offend people so we allow them to call the shots on us. We give up our power to people who are unqualified. Most times the person who’s making these decisions for us isn’t even qualified to order a cup of coffee.

Take your power back. It’s not too late to put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

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