Leather Summer

leather for summer

Leather for summer?

Are you like me where you love leather even in the summer and no matter what (even on the hottest day) you try to find a way to incorporate it into your summer wardrobe?

Now don’t get me wrong, when the weather hits hotter than hot temperatures, I know better than to grab my leather skirt but on days when the heat is manageable, I have no issue getting my leather skirt if it calls for it to go with my top. My two favourite leather skirts are my black mini leather skirt with a detailed zipper in the front, it’s not too form-fitting so I don’t melt; and then the one pictured below, my brown wide midi skirt. it’s also great because it’s insanely wide so my skin isn’t suffocating, both skirts are awesome.

Now, of course, they’re more appreciated in the fall and wintertime but to me, because they’re such a great addition to any top, I see no wrong in wearing them on a cooler summer day. Speaking of cooler summer days, you might want to pair your outfit with a light blazer, I’m talking oversized. The bigger the jacket the more comfortable you’ll skin will feel, just because it’s a cooler summer night doesn’t mean we don’t need ventilation. Plus I love the look that an oversized blazer.

And finally, a great item of clothing that I love just as much as my leather skirts is a good bralette. Not only are they extremely comfortable and breathable, but they also make great tops for the summer. Pair them with a skirt or jeans, a cool printed dress. It makes the outfit look so cute.

Now, the problem with getting leather is that it’s not readily available in the summertime to purchase. Since it is more of a Fall/Winter staple, by the time spring rolls around, they’re mostly sold out so you would have to start being aware of your leather purchases in August.

Also, to all my black queens. Whoever told you that we can’t wear brown? don’t listen to them. We can wear brown, we can wear every colour. I love black leather but why not try different colours? that’s what makes fashion so much fun.

So if you never really considered wearing leather in the summer, go ahead and try it out.

Don’t pause your evolution because other people can’t handle it.

Enjoy these awesome pics of how I styled this look:)

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