Listen up

Do you know what the world has stopped doing? Listening.

No, I don’t mean, music or podcasts (we have a podcast that you should check too, btw) which are great to listen to. What I mean is, we don’t listen to each other anymore. Our friends, our family members, etc. You have no idea how many lives you’re saving by just being present and listening to them.

It also doesn’t mean that you’re listening to someone who’s pouring their heart out to you either with problems. Hearing someone’s good news is so uplifting, especially these days, you want to hear all the good news you can. I know that sometimes you can be in a great mood and by the time you’re done hearing about someone else’s problems you’re in the dumps. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why no one likes to listen to other people, out of fear they’ll be hit with some news they were not expecting.

Don’t be afraid to let the individual know that you don’t have the bandwidth to take on any upsetting news right now. Remember, you have to save your energy, nothing is wrong with saying ‘No’.

If you can (only if your energy is willing to accept what the person has to share) giving someone your undivided attention for a bit can really boost them and let them know that their words matter.

Always make sure to listen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Listening is a superpower.

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