Schiaparelli Fall 2022 Couture.

Immaculate, Blissful, Artistic, Dreamlike, Nostalgic. That’s what I was thinking when I watched Schiaparelli’s Fall collection for Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, France yesterday; brought to us by the creative director and mastermind, Daniel Roseberry.

I felt like a little girl again sitting in front of the TV set and watching supermodels of the 80s grace the runway. It was stunning. Honestly, a photo speaks a thousand words and it was so difficult for me to choose the top looks because the majority of the collection was gorgeous.

Roseberry memorialized french Haute couture fashion designer Christian Lacroix’s 1987 debut collection with its homage to extravagant silhouettes, flounce sleeves, coruscating, elaborate embroideries and don’t get me started on the matador hats. Those hats were giving me Prince vibes from his 80’s film Under The Cherry Moon and the theme song ‘Mountains‘, a great track by the way.

My favourite decades are the 80s and 90s so seeing this show brought back so many memories of why I love fashion so much. The construction of the garments and the accessories. The thought that goes into creating these lavish pieces of art, brings me joy.

It was a fabulous show. Check out the photos below.


Schiaparelli Fall 2022 Couture.

Photos: Filippo Fior /

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