As you know, fashion has always been a form of art meant for individual expression. It’s how you’re remembered. Even something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans is a statement. I mean Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen (in the ’80s), James Dean (in the ’50s) it’s a classic look. Yes… to all my favourite anti-fashion peeps, your lingo of “Oh I’m a Jeans & T-shirt kinda guy or girl, I’m not into fashion”, sorry but tops and bottoms are fashion.

We know that it can’t be easy to come up with so many designs. Fashion brands pump out (what feels like) 20 collections a year. It’s a competitive business and sometimes the Creative director may choose some pieces that are winners and…not so winning.

We respect the hard work any brand puts into their business because you want to hold the public’s attention for longer than 2 seconds so when a brand releases something that pics up steam and is the talk of the town it’s a great feeling… the only problem is that it becomes so popular that other brands want a piece of that pie and make their own version and next thing you know, everyone and their granma are wearing the Miu Miu mini.

There are some great trends out there right now that are already tired, or done. We walk through what those are for us. This is a personal opinion video so don’t let us deter you from purchasing the looks you really want to rock this spring. Do you agree or disagree with our opinions? Leave a comment under our video on our youtube channel.

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