Spring Vibes 2021 | The Trench

There are fashion staples that never lose their luster. One staple is The Trench Coat.

If you invest you can have one trench take you through decades! Maybe you get lucky as I did. The trench I’m wearing here is from H&M around 6 years ago. With simple upkeep, bringing it into the dry cleaners, and steaming in between, this coat looks just as it did when I first purchased it for about $70 CDN.

What keeps the Trench coat cool is the versatility of the garment. A trench can bring any outfit to life. For a brunch with the lady’s scenario, I paired my little floral mini dress with my trench tied and buttoned up. Alone, the dress is very dainty, but with the Trench done up with shades and heels, the outfit takes on a new life – EDGE. But the Trench can also work on a super casual running-errands outfit. My walks through the city are highly fashionable now! A simple graphic tee, denim shorts, and Converse sneakers become ultra-cool. The coat inspired me to add a green turban and earrings. The layers and mixing of colours make for a head-turner of a casual look.

If you haven’t grabbed this fashion staple yet, get your hands on a trench. Remember, early fall is coming and you can wear your trench before the super chilly months begin. Below, I’ve linked some trench coats we LOVE. Check them out!

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