The Path Less Travelled.

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This will sound very cliche, but it’s the truth at the same time, nonetheless.

There comes a time in one’s life when they have to decide what path one’ll take. The burden will be yours to carry: not your family members, not your BFF, just you… Or at least, it should be you that makes the decision.

I know when it comes to changes, we love to include everyone in our decision-making. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that. Especially if you know someone who’s gone through the same thing you’re going through at the present moment. Seeking advice is a great step towards helping you, but sometimes what ends up happening is you do exactly what other people tell you to do or you choose the easier route.

Anything good or anything that’s of value is not going to come easy. It’s going to be hard, brace yourself for it. You will choose your path and at first, you will most likely fail (maybe even numerous times). The world is going to be against you like how gravity won’t allow you to fly….Now ask yourself the question, do you still want what you’re seeking?

I can speak for myself and hopefully for you too and say yes, it’s worth it.

There is no failure, only lessons so you are confident in the path you choose. Take notes, take breaks, and continue to get advice but only from the people who are there to support you and your endeavours. Stay away from the people who don’t see your vision or understand. It will be a path that has lots of rocks, sticks, bushes and trees in the way so you’ll have to move in a way where you aren’t being held back by the debris but I encourage you to take the path less travelled.

Not only will it be so rewarding for you, but you’ll also be inspiring and encouraging others without saying a word.

The Path Less Travelled.

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