Trend Alert: Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes

Metallic shoes are still a vibe this summer. I think it’s because we’ve all been living in running shoes and athletic slides for so long that now we are yerning to put some glitz and glam back in our lives.

I for one love a good metallic shoe, from a stylish flat to the highest heel, from a simple slide-on mule to a gladiator lace-up, they make your outfits look so put together. With warm summer days and nights upon the horizon, you’re probably ready to head out with friends to that latest patio or the cool new rooftop lounge, that being said, a metallic shoe will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

But where does one start? There are countless styles and shades when it comes to metallics. Fear not, we compiled a list of different types of shoes that will hopefully guide you in the direction of what you’re looking for. Use it as inspiration to help you find the right fit. I’ll be showing you affordable and luxury styles because let’s face it, we can all look boujee on a budget.

Ready? Okay, let’s begin.


The Sexy Simple Strap Heel

Now of course I’m starting with the obvious favourite. I don’t really need to tell you what kind of magic the sexy simple strap heel has, you can see for yourself. It embodies elegance and luxury. You don’t have to break the bank either, the affordable brands are just as hot as the expensive ones so you have loads of variety. I know that doesn’t help my indecisive people, but just take a deep breath and take your time while choosing.


Funky Chunky Chic

As much as I love a sexy heel, my feet appreciate a comfortable chunky heel and platform. Less pressure on my feet and easy to wear from day to night. They’re great for dancing, for running to greet a friend, etc. Chunky metallic shoes are great investments, you’ll be wearing them all summer, every summer.

 Slip and Slide Summer

Slides, mules, slip-ons… they are a saving grace in the summer. We all have that one friend who texts you at the last minute to meet them at the door because they’re on their way to pick you up to try out that new restaurant. The last thing you want to worry about is getting frustrated with your shoe buckle that all of a sudden doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Slides are perfect to put on quickly and get out the door, from a flat to a heel, they work.


Flats That Flatter.

Speaking of flats, just like a chunky heel or platform; flats are the ultimate everyday shoe for the summer. Every year fashion brands put out beautiful slides in an array of colours. Of course, metallic colours are always picked up because they make every outfit look a little fancier. Why not look fancy while you’re out and about running your errands? Here are some more cute examples.


So there you have it! Hope these examples help you discover some cool new styles to try.

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