Victoria Beckham RESORT 2023

Victoria Beckham is out here making us want to wear fall attire in the heat of August.

Big flowing bows, coats, leather, lace, pleats, jackets, dresses, modest, sexy, beautiful. She’s come a long way from Posh Spice being the forerunner of the LBD (Little Black Dress). The British know how to put a sophisticated look together. Victoria’s collections and personal style have evolved and keep getting better and better. This collection is simply beautiful. It has all the potential to be worn in a modest way or in its original state. We are ready for these outfits, the tailoring is top-notch.

Classic, modest, sexy, and feminine, we really loved what she created and can’t wait to see her next collection when it shows in late September/October in the fashion capital of the world, Paris France. Yes, Victoria Beckham along with Zimmermann (you can check out our Zimmermann review of their latest collection right here) will be showing her next collection for Paris Fashion Week!

Victoria Beckham has carved out her part of the fashion space, taking over and playing with pieces that balance her fashion looks’ feminine and masculine aspects. Here we review her resort 2022/2023 collection with attention given to the modest looks and the looks with modesty styling potential.

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In the video we mention this incredible look seen below, it’s giving Trinity vibes from one of our favourite movies “The Matrix”.

Victoria Beckham Resort 2023

We think this is just GORGEOUS, we talk about a great store here in Toronto called ‘Call & Response’, that sells amazing coats… like rockstar calibre…and by rockstar we mean PRINCE (Rest In Peace), you can check out that video right here.

In the meantime, Enjoy these amazing photos from Posh Spice’s latest collection.


Victoria Beckham RESORT 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Beckham


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