From ZARA, ARITZIA, THE BAY, DKNY, H&M, THRIFT to Leather! Puffers! Petty Wool Coats! So many Winter Fashion looks! As Canadians, it is very common to have at least 5 or more winter coats and jackets. There are so many amazing trends to make for a variety of looks in your coat closet.

In our latest Youtube video (go ahead and SUBSCRIBE) we give a little walk through our coat collection, showing off some trends that have stood the test of time. The post will show you where we are buying the winter looks and the best part is, it is all very affordable and kind to your wallet! It can be pesky depending on the week, but thrift shopping can be so fun and can bring out the creativity in you to style and create new looks.

Some Fancy Winter styles for you…

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