What is the color of SS22? GREEN

Carcia is wearing a green printed baby-doll style dress with over the knee suede boots.

More than ever, I’m embracing more color. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I sat around for 2 years in my grey and black sweats. For the last couple of years, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with green clothing and accessories and I always found it hard to find pieces in green. 2022 has brought us so many opportunities to now dress up, go out and finally enjoy the warmer weather, so I’m all about finding green everything to brighten my wardrobe.

Telly smiles in her blue blazer with an unexpected green slip dress.

So, you ask, “Why Green?” I have a few answers for you.

It actually goes with so much more than you think.

It’s a rich color! Want to look luxe on a budget? Try it!

It makes you stand out, but not too too much!

It isn’t stuck to one season! Wear dark emerald green Fall Winter and switch it up for primary green for the warmer months.