What you NEED for Spring 2023!

Tis the season for new pieces. Even if you don’t plan on shopping, it’s the season for re-imagining your clothes in a new way to freshen up for warmer temps and longer days!

Maybe it’s my age, but I’m not focussing so much on laser focussed trends. I have been finding that foundational pieces are making a huge return to how I dress with sprinkles of trends, the trends I love and would wear regardless of what insiders say. If you’ve been paying attention to the runways this season, you would see that personal style begins with the right fashion staples. Styling is a lot easier when you figure out the key fashion pieces.

First, figure out your Foundational Piece. Our list here will mention the Foundational pieces you should pay attention to. You will notice this list is not long, and it allows you to find your personal style elements as well.


Denim is having a HUGE time right now. If you haven’t seen a denim dress, or denim maxi skirt during your shopping journey, you haven’t really window-shopped enough. Personally, I am elated that denim is coming in all forms and shapes for spring. Denim can come at all prices and never really goes completely out of style. The reason why denim makes for a great foundational piece is that it matches with so many fabric textures, and colors. Denim is easy to care for, easy to travel with and it’s all-season. Right now I’m falling hard for the denim maxi skirt. I recently picked one up from an online store, MICAS and I couldn’t be happier about the purchase. Here are some other maxi skirts I’m digging right now….

long denim skirt for women from Zara
TRF OVERDYED SKIRT – 59.90 CAD Mid-rise skirt with five pockets. Front zip and metal button closure.


Long denim skirt with button down.
GANNHigh-rise denim maxi skirt, $267 CAD


LOEWE Asymmetric denim midi skirt
LOEWE Asymmetric denim midi skirt
Dynamite Denim Maxi Skirt with a slit in the front in light blue.
Dynamite Denim Maxi Skirt $59.95


Easy Spring Dresses

Anna Wintour was on to something when she claimed the Dress as her fashion staple. Dresses are SUPER easy. Really, at a bare minimum, no styling is required. You can add jewelry, boots, flats or a cute heel, but the dress will always speak for itself. Over the last 3 years, I’ve changed my style, more so embracing feminine looks, modesty and purchasing more dresses. Not only is a dress just easier to style, but it’s a look that makes you memorable. When it comes to the foundational piece I suggest shopping for solid-color dresses first. You will find yourself layering your dresses with blazers, trench coats, and cute cardigans. Here are some dresses I cannot stop thinking about.


Transitional Jackets & Coats

Speaking of Blazers, Trench coats, and Cardigans, we can’t consider this list complete without the mention of transitional outerwear options. I spent my Fall season freshening up my blazer options. Right now, oversized layering is the vibe, so I purchased an oversized black blazer. I have many blazers to go with every top, bottom, and dress I own! Don’t look down on the blazer. The options are endless when it comes to cleaning up a look. Another option that I suggest you invest in is The Trench Coat. Invest in this foundational piece because it will last you years. I only have one classic/ statement trench coat, because the look hasn’t changed and I don’t wear a trench daily. When I wear my fave dresses I throw a trench over them and instantly a LOOK is made! At around this time of year, I get my trench dry-cleaned and it’s good for the warmer seasons. You can pair the coat with everything in the classic taupe, brown trench colour! But a fire look would include dark blue denim and a trench—Chef’s Kiss.


The Everyday Bag

Your foundational wardrobe won’t be complete without an Everyday Bag. Before throwing your cash at a bag, I always suggest you evaluate your everyday life. Do you commute to work? Do you do a lot of short travel trips? Depending on how your days go, you will want to invest in a bag that will serve you for years to come. I suggest a nice, well-made tote and then a medium-sized bag for everyday activities. Don’t let price sway you too much. I have 3 tote bags that will never leave my closet – one is an Amazon purchase, one is a Canadian purchase from ROOTS Canada and the other is The Tote Bay by Marc Jacobs. Three different price points, all awesome bags. For the everyday bag I’ve carried YSL, Chanel, Coach, Tori Burch, Kurt Geiger, Zara handbags, etc….they are all good bags! Find the one that fits what you need on the regular.  


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Stay Bright and Fashionable, Carcia & Telly.

The HerCastle Girls.