What’s In My Bag?


Since the new world came about, we’ve all altered our lives in some ways. One of the first changes we made was the size of our handbags and the material. We are now carrying bags that are easy to wipe down, and easy to wear in a crossover style so they don’t need to be put down on surfaces.

We do a fun and light WHAT’S IN MY BAG video to show you how much we carry in our small handbags, talk about our fashion looks, and share products that we carry in our bags for hydration and moisture (Carcia carries 2 moisturizers. Send help!). Be sure to leave us a COMMENT, give us a LIKE, and click SUBSCRIBE. Bonus points for those who click the notification bell because you will always know when a new video drops!

BRANDS FEATURED: Ecco Shoes Bag, Matt & Nat Bag and more!!!

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