What’s the shoe for Spring 2021? THE MULE.

We’ve been living a unique lifestyle now for over a year. As a woman who went from one event to two additional events in heels, battling the downtown Toronto concrete streets in one night, I now can barely, BARELY stand in one place wearing heels. It’s like walking on stilts! It’s like Bambi struggling to move around. Basically, us well-trained heel walkers have lived in sneakers for a year and brands like Adidas, Nike, FILA and others are gaining momentum from us, because comfort is a thing now.

As much as I love sneakers (I was a fan well before this entire thing began), I know that one day, I will rise from my home and I will hit the pavement again. I will hit the dance floor again. I will cut my ten at a bomb restaurant in heels, again. So the question is, what kind of heel will help us train back to the 4.5-inch heel we worked in the era of 2019? I have the answer, because Spring Fashion 2021 trends. The answer is THE MULE.

If you follow Fashion at all, you know that BOTTEGA VENETA, BALENCIAGA, Saint Laurent have solidified the style and all our favorite Fast fashion friends, Zara, Mango, H&M and SHEIN have come in with their very close dupes. So, why is the Mule making this major sweep in Fashion?

There has never been an easier shoe. Need more color in your wardrobe? The mule comes in so many colors! It takes no energy to put them on because they are slip-on shoes. The mule is flattering with no cut-off-at-the-ankle business and when we fly the skies again, this shoe will take up no space in your luggage. I am completely sold on the Mule and I do think it will never be completely OUT of style. It’s simple, it works with most finishes, like wide-leg or skinny leg. The major thing here is, cute mules have manageable heel heights. Perfect for your training back to the heel life.

See some of my fav MULES below!

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Will you return to heels this Spring/Summer 2021? Or will you PoshMark your heels and live in sneakers? Let us know!

The HerCastleGirls