Glen Baxter’s Fashion Celebration: The Pictorial

Fashion is full of personality. Much like the clothes, the persona and vibe of a person stays with you. Glen Baxter proved that he is humble and respectful of Toronto’s Fashion scene and the people that maintain it. Last week, At the luxe Thompson Hotel, Glen Baxter invited the minds behind In Fashion, Fashion Television, and the fashionable people of Toronto to celebrate the end of an era that made suburban kids like us aspire to write, live and breath Fashion. It was an honor to be invited! Without the fashion education of Glen Baxter & Jeanne Beker as youths, we wouldn’t have turned out the way we did! Many VIP’s in television, fashion and entertainment stopped by, making for great pictorial content!

Fashion Television creator, Jay Levine & In Fashion Host, Glen Baxter


Stilettos & Rock n Roll,
By Carcia & Telly
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