Good Skin For The Win

Body Lotion is so important, dry skin was never a good thing and it never will be. It’s a daily thing for me to keep my skin moist and supple, I suffer from eczema, Atopic Dermatitis to be exact.

It’s been a lifelong problem and I’m not the only one, many people suffer from eczema due to many factors, the environment, diet, medications, compromised respiratory system, perfumes, and different soaps. It could be anything depending on the person. When I get flare-ups I have to use my prescription cream, it works but (depending on the duration of my flare-up) If I use it too long it starts to change the pigmentation of my skin which is not cool. My skin goes back to normal once I stop using it but it’s something that always bothers me.

Thankfully, over the years of battling with pesky eczema, I’ve come across some amazing products that have helped Carcia and me, so without any further ado, here are my go-to (over-the-counter) creams and sunscreens.

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure to read the labels before using any of these products (in case you are allergic to anything)


Skin Cream

Many years ago, my doctor recommend I use CeraVe along with my prescription till my eczema was under control and to keep using it every single day to help with the problem. I’ve been using CeraVe for years and it has never let me down. They have a large variety of products that are great for your skin but I’m a loyal girl and the original cream does the job for my skin. I highly recommend it. It’s not greasy, there’s no scent and the moisture lasts all day. Definitely top of my list.


Body Lotion Eucerin

Next on my list is Eucerin. I discovered this lotion while I was travelling. My eczema started acting up and although I had my prescription cream with me I can only apply it twice a day. I needed something to use in between uses of the prescription and, of course, I forgot to pack my Cerave. I went to the drugstore and the pharmacist recommended that I use Eucerin. Now I was always a fan of their healing ointment (it does wonders for my lips) and they sold out of Cerave with only one Eucerin left so I bought it, used it and we’ve been friends ever since that day. They also have a wide variety to choose from, the original cream is fragrance-free, it has a glisten to it so it will make your body shine, and the cream is thick so you don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way. Don’t go too crazy on the amount you use because if you use too much it comes out looking really greasy look which is not cool for your outfits or your bed covers. This is really good for the winter because you want your skin to be as moist as possible but I use it from time to time all year round.

Allure Botanicals

Skin Lotion Allure

This one is so close to my heart because it was made by a lovely friend of mine. I’d like to introduce you to Allure Botanicals, created by Claudia Michèle whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing for more than 10 years. She created her own line of hair and body products that are amazing (I highly recommend you get her products) one of my favourite products by Allure Botanicals is their Vanilla Soufflé Body Butter. First off the scent is so delicious, it’s not overpowering at all. The texture is heavy so you don’t need a lot at all, just take a bit and place it in the palm of your hand, let it heat up and start to melt and put it all over your body. I love it, it’s so good in the summertime and it’s a great price too. Make sure to check out her site and support black-owned businesses.

Glaxal Base

skin care Glaxal Base

This is a brand I learned about last year at a media preview, they’re Canadian based and are sold in most drugstores. This particular product they have is my absolute favourite, it’s the Glaxal Base Colloidal Oatmeal + Aloe Moisturizing Cream. It has a great scent and it’s great to travel with. It’s really interesting too because it comes out of the tube really fluffy, and glides on the skin so nicely. It will leave it feeling and looking so good. Also, the price is very friendly for my wallet.

Keri Lotion

Keri lotion

Keri Lotion is no stranger to our household. The brand shows up often on our site and we have no problem talking about them because they do wonders for our skin. Keri lotion also has a variety of lotions to choose from but we really love the Keri Intense hydration lotion. It’s so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and fresh. The fragrance, to me, isn’t too strong. I love that it’s in a pump bottle because it makes it easy to take with me on day trips and you can twist and lock the pump so it doesn’t leak all over your stuff.


J.R. Watkins Body Lotions

Body Lotions J.R.

J.R. Watkins is just lovely, especially the Lemon Cream Body Lotion. We had the opportunity to work with J.R. Watkins before and it’s a fantastic brand. Their collection of body and home products is fabulous, so much to choose from. As for this particular lotion, it really helps my skin to not only feel smooth but also smell divine…seriously. It’s formulated with plants, lemon, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Its texture is medium, not too thick and not too thin. I really love travelling with this one because it acts as a two-in-one for me, it keeps my skin soft and smells so good that I don’t need too much perfume. It’s a strong citrus smell so if you have a sensitive nose, you may not want to use this particular one but I encourage you to take a look at their collection, they have a lot of lotions that are lighter on the scented side, actually, they have one that’s fragrance-free so you can defiantly take a look at that one.

Kacao Care Whipped Natural Shea Butter

Body Lotions

My dad loves this particular product a lot. He’s an electrician so he works with his hands. He’s always been looking for something to help keep his hands hydrated and looking good. I found this for him while I was at the Clore Beauty Supply store. There were so many brands to choose from but this one, Kacao Care Body Butter Vanilla Coconut, only had two left in its row so purchased one and we tried it. I can see why this one sold off so quickly. It is heaven in a jar, the cent is vanilla coconut, and it’s shea butter so you don’t need a lot. All the brands that I’ve mentioned, don’t require a lot, which is great for your wallet. It leaves a lovely light smell to the hands and it keeps the skin moist and shiny… Not crazy shiny like Vaseline although, I do like Vaseline and it does have its place in my body care regimen, the shea butter leaves a nice light shine. My Dad loves this and I have to say, When it comes to this particular brand I’m a new fan of it myself.


Now, of course, we can’t talk about having hydrated skin and not talk about sunscreens. Sadly, our environment is not what it use to be. There are so many pollutants in the world and the days of just going outside with a basic skin cream are long gone. Sunscreens are needed, not just for the beach, not just for fair skin. It’s needed for everyone, no matter age, race or reason to be outside. It’s a daily practice… for life.

There are a lot of great brands out there like Coppertone and Black girl Sunscreen that really help to protect your skin and body. Here are a few that we use on the regular. We’ve been using these products for years and our skin is thriving. Who doesn’t want to slow down aging or not protect their skin? exactly no one. Everyone wants to have good, clean and healthy skin.

Here is a small list of the sunscreens we use. Note, none of these worked against my eczema, I had no flare-ups or anything, no reactions.

Once again, please make sure to read the labels before using any of these products (in case you are allergic to anything).

Sun Bum

Sun Bum

Sun Bum is wonderful, I really love using it. It blends in with my skin so well. Being black girls, we are very picky with our sunscreens. Car and I have had our share of putting on sunscreen that leaves the dreaded white residue on our faces and bodies and makes us a shade of gray. Not Cool.

Thankfully, Sun Bum has not done that to us. The cream is white and blends right into the skin, the smell is minimal, not strong at all and I believe you can get a fragrance-free version too.



Great for when you are on the go and have no time to stop and put on a lotion or cream sunscreen. It can be used for the face and body, smells lovely and is awesome to take with you on the beach or to the gym. Car loves this one.

Hawaiian tropic 

Hawaiian Tropics

Another great sunscreen with a great price is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Continuous Spray. Great to throw in your beach bag or in your gym bag, we keep this on at the front door so when we’re about to run out for errands, we just spray and sprint out the door. It smells so tropical; strong notes of coconut and vanilla…it’s scrumptious. There’s no residue, no white casting on the skin, it doesn’t leave residue on your clothes… it’s bliss.

And finally, the number one ingredient for having fabulous, hydrated skin is…

Water (H20)


It’s pretty self-explanatory, your body needs water and water is great for the skin…your overall health.

Do you use any of these brands? If not, I encourage you to try them out or if you’re using something that’s not on the list and it’s working out great, I encourage you to keep using it. Your skin deserves the best and you can achieve it at any price range.