Her Closet: Michelle Williams

When it was announced that Michelle Williams would be playing Marilyn Monroe on the big screen, many Marilyn fans (including ourselves) were not convinced. But after this it was obvious Michelle had that Marilyn energy. Now, we are mega excited to see this film! Of course, Marilyn Monroe was a fashion icon! But Michelle Williams has been a favorite in fashion for years now, we believe it was all due to her short-pixie hair do’ we all adore, that porcelain skin, and sweet smile she usually displays on the red carpet. Looking at what Michelle has worn over the past few months, we have concluded that you CAN break a few traditional fashion rules (hello? isn’t that what fashion is about?). Its always key to remember the fashion should be about you, not the other way around.
What use to be considered ‘too much’, is now the standard! Sparkly skirt and lacy tops can work together. If this is new to you be smart like Michelle and make sure the separates are the same color. With this hot look, you can leave the bangles and necklaces at home.
You want to do black and white, but you want to stand out from the black and white minimalists in the room. Here’s a great way to do it. It’s difficult to do bare legs in our home town of Toronto right now, but some opaque black stockings with this look would totally work. A standard now is a black lace skirt. You can pick one up for a very affordable price and pair it with a traditional white lace top. Best thing? This look works for the holiday party, and the office (add a blazer or cardigan). This look is very antique, vintage & classic!
This was an interesting look for Michelle. She is usually the ‘doll’ on the red carpet, dressed modestly and conservative, but every girl has a sassy sexy side. White is always gorgeous, and yes, it’s gorgeous even on the palest of girls. Again, notice the lack of accessories. As much as we love jewelry, some outfits don’t call for it. With this low neckline, make your skin the object of desire! What we love about this gown is the idea of pairing it with a leather jacket for a chilly night when celebrating the upcoming holiday season.
Style to your liking! If you love white, wear it. Like the sparkle look and lace, put them together! Be fashionable daring and bold! The crowd WILL notice…in a good way 😉
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