He’s Got That Special Something: The Denzel Washington

He’s one of those First Name Only superstars. Denzel Washington is a living legend in cinema, taking on a variety of roles for over 30 years. The lovable and respected Denzel has been noticed many a times by The Academy Awards, taking home an Oscar for his performance in Training Day. Mr. Washington is also set to hit the Broadway stage again next year! Like many A-List actors, Denzel has a classic style that is masculine, strong and perfect for his tall frame. Ask any fashion editor that has dressed him for GQ, Vogue and many more publications. Denzel was built for The Suit, check out some looks we HAD to share…

The double breast suit is often done Wrong, but Denzel’s suit here is cut perfectly. Grey, Salmon & Blue are looking good. photo from GQ Magazine.
Denzel’s Trench. The Trench coat is a staple in both mens and womens fashion. Take the time to fit and purchase the right one. The best accessory for a men’s suit is a smashing trench coat. photo from Men’s VOGUE
Again, Denzel’s stature is just built for the double breast jacket. If you’re a tall guy with broad shoulders, you must try a tailored double-breasted suit. And do not fear pin-stripes! Its the year of the Peacock for Men’s Fashion. Try and experiment. photo from GQ Magazine
Casual Denzel is just as fine. All black everything! Sure its not Armani, but laid back men’s style should be a relaxed fit like Denzel’s Nike pants here, not baggy. Hard to believe this man is over the age of 50 here.


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By Carcia & Telly

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