ILife: Mad Men is Back (Almost) & H&M takes vintage to the windows!

First off, we have to mention & promote the following:
HerCastleGirls LOVE fashion merchandising. Based on the window shopping, we venture into stores seeking what’s promoted outside. H&M; in Yorkdale Mall, Toronto is SO GOOD at this. This weekend, the window was so impressive we all bought items JUST because it was styled so well in the window. 
Taking the cue of popular vintage/period shows like, Mad Men, H&M; is using mustards and browns, 60’s and 70’s inspired cuts and ideas! It felt like stepping into our mother’s closet from back in the day. We took quick pics with our blackberries to show you some merchandising goodness. If you are reading this and happen to know an H&M; Window merchandiser give them a hug damn it.

You can be sure our outfits from this shopping day will appear on the blog some day soon!