Inspiration Is: Kelis

The singer-songwriter Kelis is modern, yet retro. She is eccentric, yet simple. She is an artist through and through and her fashion choices display the creative process she’s dealing with inside. Kelis isn’t just about the clothes either! If you’re a beauty hound, this girl can give you enough ideas for make-up and accessories like facial piercing and masks. No fashion fear? Yep, that’s Kelis.

Curls and fresh pink makeup create a sweet look for Kelis (source: official website)

Birth name: Kelis Rogers

Birthdate: August 21, 1979

Genres: R&B, neo soul, pop, alternative hip hop, electronic, dance

Years active: 1990–present

Known for: Her hit, Milkshake

What’s next?

After touring with Pink and performing with Duran Duran, new Kelis music is promised for 2012, but you can catch her LIVE! Next show is LAS VEGAS.

She's a modern women, but she pulls off retro so well! (source: official website)
We love her headress here! Perfect for a pop performance. (source: official website)
LOVING those pants!
Kelis goes casual, but still wears this gorg' structured jacket. (source: official website)

“Am I R&B because I`m Black? Am I pop because I have a song called “Milkshake”? Or can I just be who the hell I am? Good Lord, people make it seem like we`re doing heart transplants here, but we`re just making music!” ~ KELIS

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