MFL Fashion: Kanye is on the Celeb Line Wagon

We won’t even begin to talk about Kanye West’s groundbreaking rapping career.
It is evident that Kanye is a permanent presence in the music industry and in pop culture. The term, “All time!” will always bring a smile to our face.
So, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the man’s fashion obsession.
Kanye has been front row at many fashion shows from Paris to New York. At one point he was dating a fashion model vixen, Amber Rose. You couldn’t believe he was a street rapper from Chicago is skinny jeans and bow tie watching models strut by in haute couture fashions.
We think Kanye has taken some notes from is front row status at successful shows because he’s presented his Spring 2012 RTW (ready-to-wear) line at Paris Fashion Week.
To be honest, like most individuals hitting a new medium, The Kanye West line is a work in progress. Some pieces were questionable, but some pieces were enjoyable to look at. Here are the pieces we consider ‘stand-out’.
On trend with fur and leather
Most of the collection was a neutral color palette, but throughout, colored pieces would make a cameo
Head-to-toe white is oh- so glam. The draping on this piece makes it so dramatic and fun. credit: Gianni Pucci


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