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Lykke Li
Lana Del Rey
For the longest time, people have always asked musicians whether they would delve into the world of acting. It seemed like a natural transition! The list is countless when it comes to musical actors with recording contracts, but there’s a new career kid in town; The Musician Model. Hey! If models like Irina Lazareanu and Karen Elson are welcomed into the music industry why not? But moving on. The two musicians we’re focusing on are Lykke Li & Lana Del Rey.
Lykke Li has been on the indie radar for a while, and Lana Del Rey is making noise and controversy as many don’t consider her the ‘real deal’, but none the less, both girls are as serious about their modeling careers as they are about their musical careers. Next Model Management has signed Lana, Ellie Goulding (singer) and Jessie J. (singer) as models. Oh yes, even the gorgeous Solange Knowles has been snapped up by Next Model Management. Lykke has signed with Viva Model Management as a model. This tells us two things: Firstly, the music industry is tricky right now and its best to have a plan B when your album sales don’t hit the mark. Secondly, musicians are a major influence in fashion, maybe more so then just plain models. Of course, this blog was CREATED on the fact that Fashion Needs Music and Music Needs Fashion. Our fashion influences have always been musicians, so we knew we were right.
Solange‘s style has caught the eye of fashion insiders for years now.
Jessie J sings about the price tag, but she probably doesn’t “need” to look at it before purchase šŸ™‚
Ellie Goulding is a natural eye for fashion when it comes to music.
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