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MICALLA SS’ 2012 LG Toronto Fashion Week. credit: MARK O’NEILL/QMI Agency


LG Fashion Week is fast paced. If you aren’t rushing to your seat for the show, you’re rushing out of the room to make the next line-up, but when sitting in on the MICALLA collection I (Heart) Remus, you can only relax and take in all that sparkle and shine.
It all began with a film of a daring, lovely woman, writing on her mirror, loving her man and loving her cats. The scene is very European! Our daring woman’s head-scarf blows in the wind as she drives her convertible adorned in gorgeous MICALLA jewelry while Whatever Lola Wants plays as a soundtrack. This story drew the audience in as the first model stepped out into the studio. The daring, adventurous woman from the film entered the room. 
MICALLA designer, Camilla Jørgensen presented an innovative collection mixing style with medals, vibrant color, a bit of the past with modern and fresh lines. Juliana Schiavinatto of P1M provided styling and creative direction for the show. Dresses and shoes were provided by Le Chateau and Locale.
This collection is for the woman who wants to appear well-travelled, bold, and adventurous! After the show, we had a moment to chat with Camilla about her new collection.
What was the inspiration behind making jewelry into pieces of clothing? I noticed many pieces covered the shoulders and upper body.
Camilla Jørgensen:
Well, often you will see in most of the seasons the runway collections offer up an opportunity to really explore the boundaries of jewelry, so i love to see how far we can go and that includes sort of a necklace becoming a full sweater piece, shirt piece or even a dress. We’ve had full length, crystal dresses.
What was the inspiration behind this collection. I scened and referenced a very European feel, a lot of 1950s, 60s….
You’ve got it precisely. The inspiration behind it was the spiritof a cat. Confident, bold, adventurous and then we felt an ideal MICALLA woman would be like that, but then when I thought more about cats I thought more about Rome, the street less cats, then I ended up in the 50s and that’s how this collection came.
What is your favorite material to work with for MICALLA jewelry?
I love stones and the crystals equally. The stones for a different reason because they are so unique on their own and I love the crystals because they really allow you to be BOLD!
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credit: MARK O’NEILL/QMI Agency
credit: MARK O’NEILL/QMI Agency
credit: MARK O’NEILL/QMI Agency
From the I (Heart) Remus Show


Chatting with Camilla after the show. Huge THANK YOU to Gail McInnes!
Learn more about MICALLA and visit www.micalla.com.
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