Model Behaviour: Catherine McNeil

The Cat, is back!

NAME: Catherine McNeil

AGE: 24 years old

HEIGHT: 5’11 1/2

AGENCIES: (NY) Marilyn Model Mgmt., (Paris) Oui Management, (Milan) Next Milan, (London) TESS Management, (Barcelona) View Management, (Copenhagen) 2pm Model Management, (Hamburg) MODELWERK, (Sydney) Chic Management.

DISCOVERED:  2003 at fourteen years old, she won a model search contest held by the  Australian  magazine, Girlfriend.

BEST KNOWN FOR:  Eyes and Lips.

QUOTE: “I was totally burnt out, I took two years off because I wasn’t enjoying it any more. I’ve been modeling since I was 13 and, you know, you just need to take time out.”

Casual Cat

In 2012 Catherine McNeil came back for a second round in her modeling career. Not many top models can walk away and pick up where they left off and only a handful have mastered it. “Cat” is one of the few. She has worked with heavy hitters like: Jean Paul Gaultier, Express, Hugo Boss, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. Walking runways all over the world, being called Fashion’s Latest Crush by the New York Times, things started to take a toll on Catherine (every job has its pro’s and con’s). Starting as a kid in the fashion industry, she had to grow up fast, being as it’s an adult world with many temptations. So what did she do? She left it all behind for two years, to live a life of normalcy.

She told WHO magazine, “I had this growing sense of losing myself, and I needed the time to breathe and find my own voice,” says McNeil. “I started modeling young and I was blessed my career took off quickly. But once I left home I needed to act like an adult, and I wasn’t one. I needed to take a step back so that I could properly understand who I am.”

After taking some time off she has returned. She is mature and fully understands who she is. The Fashion Industry has welcomed her back with open arms, as you can see with her latest H&M campaign.


Written By Chantel ‘Telly’ Campbell

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