Jenny Bird

All photos were taken by Carcia HerCastle.

The joy on my face when a box arrived at the door from Jenny Bird appeared on my porch.

Lately, I’ve been slowly and intentionally changing my fashion aesthetic. I’ve been introducing more colour, more bold cuts and introducing more gold into my accessory collection.

Those that have known me for a long time, know I was very passionate about sterling silver, even as a teenager, but as I grow physically and spiritually, my soul seems to be attracted to the glow that comes with gold hues.

I wanted to buy quality gold, based in Canada and super local. For years, I’ve shopped for jewelry at Jenny Bird. I discovered the brand when I worked at a corporate job in the same building as the headquarters office. I would go to their pop-ups and sales and I became friendly with the staff.

Jenny Bird, based in Toronto, Canada manufactures their jewelry in Qingdao, China, a popular hub for creating jewelry. Truly the quality delivered is unmatched if you own a piece of Jenny Bird jewelry.

Recently, I purchased 4 rings meant to be worn on every other finger.

I simply LOVE THEM. The design is modern, bold, and edgy but minimal.

As I say to all business owners, you have to pay attention to the client’s experience. White glove service can happen at any level. Jenny Bird understood the assignment.

My purchase came in a box filled with shredded paper, protecting 4 small white boxes inside. Yes, each ring had its own jewelry box. Each ring fits true to size (I’m a size 8, but try to find a way to measure your finger size as you don’t want to be disappointed with a ring too big or small). It’s early in 2022, but I believe these rings will be a favourite purchase of the year.

The rings I purchased:

  • Groove ring

  • Double Dune ring

  • Dune ring

  • Veda ring

I hope this will open your eyes to the awesome fashion brands around you that are local and give back to your very neighbourhood. How are you bringing a bit of change to your wardrobe or lifestyle? Change can be so good.

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