Dr. Teals = So Fresh & So Clean, Clean

Over the past year, I’ve read many articles about people losing interest in keeping up their appearances and not caring much about their personal hygiene. Then, I’ve read articles on how our mental health is at stake, with many of us suffering from stress. The matter of self-care and mental health truly goes hand in hand. I’ve been lucky to be introduced to Dr. Teals Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt. I was introduced to the Lavendar scent first, which was a full-on vibe, but, let me tell you. When I was introduced to Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Vitamin C and Essential Oils, it was LIFE CHANGING.

The reason why I’m a fan of this foaming bath is for all it offers. Vitamin C promotes youthful, glowing skin while Citrus helps to uplift the mood which is so important. Keeping clean with a focus on holistic healing makes this foaming bath great for your overall health and attitude. I’ve done spa days using this foaming bath and the scent of citrus lingers in my home, making me feel refreshed, energetic and ready. As a bonus, I love to exfoliate with EcoTools Bristle Bath Brush. It’s designed to be soft enough not to irritate the skin, but firm enough to exfoliate your body to leave it feeling smooth. Easily massage your back and legs for a truly relaxing experience.

I hope you take time out this week to really focus on your own self-care, outward and inward. Taking time to meditate, journal, listen to soothing music, talking to a friend – whatever makes you feel like you can cope, make time for it.

The HerCastleGirls