The Humannequin Ft. Adrian Wu & Erin Holman

Toronto’s own fashion design talent Adrian Wu, and up and coming men’s wear designer Erin Holman collaborated with photographer Anna Sulikowska in a live photo shoot, showcasing architect Christos Marcopoulos‘s latest project, The Humannequin and 10 to 15 designs from the designers.

Marcopoulos’s machine takes in the scents from the bodies of models sitting amongst furniture, then transfers the scent to mannequins. The mannequins emit the scents to their corresponding locations, so the person who occupies the chair or furniture wears the clothes through scent.

This infrastructure allows one to smell the scent of their lovers, partners, friends and/or strangers on the clothing worn by the mannequin.

Because the mannequin artificially takes on the scent of a human, it is called The Humannequin. Photography by Sulikowska below.


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